Figure 7.11

Stochastic model of short-term synaptic dynamics

Stochastic vesicle-state model of short-term dynamics at a single synaptic active zone. (a) A single simulation run, showing the release probability p, the actual number of releasable vesicles, n (initially 1), and neurotransmitter release, T. (b) Average values of these variables, taken over 10000 trials. Phenomenological model of facilitation: p0 = 0.2; Δp = 0.05; τf = 100 ms. Vesicle-state model: kn = kr = 0.2 s−1; ns = 0.1. Synapse stimulated at 50Hz.

Simulation environment:

Unzip file and run runsynnp_rvs.m in MATLAB. Results may not be identical to the figure as this is a stochastic model and the results depend on the random number generator and its seed.