Figure 7.12

Complete stochastic synapse model

Three distinct trials of a complete synapse model with 500 independent active zones. Each active zone uses the stochastic vesicle-state model of short-term synaptic dynamics combined with the 2-gate kinetic model of AMPA receptors. Phenomenological model of facilitation: p0 = 0.2; Δp = 0.05; τf = 100 ms. Vesicle-state model: kn = kr = 0.2 s−1; ns = 0. 2-gate kinetic receptor model: α = 4 mM−1ms−1, β = 1 ms−1. Esyn = 0 mV, with postsynaptic cell clamped at −65 mV. Synapse stimulated at 100Hz.

Simulation environment:

A different result appears each time you run the simulation, since it is a stochastic model.