Figure 7.16

Axon gap junction model

Simulated action potential travelling along two axons that are joined by a gap junction half-way along their length. Membrane potentials are recorded at the start, middle and end of the axons. (a,b) Axon in which an action potential is initiated by a current injection into one end. (c) Other axon, with a 1 nS gap junction. (d) Other axon, with a 10 nS gap junction. Axons are 100 μm long, 2 μm in diameter with standard Hodgkin-Huxley sodium, potassium and leak channels.

Simulation environment:

Set value of r in both Ggap panels to appropriate value. This resistance is in MOhms, so 100 MOhms is 10 nS and 1000 MOhms is 1 nS.