Figure 6.12

Calcium transients with slow buffer

Calcium transients in (a) the 0.1 μm thick submembrane shell and (b) the cell core of a single dendritic compartment of 4 μm diameter with 4 radial shells. Slow buffer with initial concentration 50 μM, forward rate k+ = 1.5 μM-1s−1 and backward rate k = 0.3 s−1. Blue dotted line: unbuffered calcium transient. Gray dashed line (hidden by solid line): excess (EBA) approximation. Gray dash-dotted line: rapid (RBA) buffer approximation. Binding ratio κ = 250. All other model parameters as in Figure 6.5.

Simulation environment:

Use Parameters panel in GUI to change parameter values for buffered model, EBA and RBA simultaneously. Same code can generate results for both figures 6.12 and 6.13.